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MOSMO Shines at the French Vape Expo, Three New Products Draw Attention

MOSMO Shines at the French Vape Expo, Three New Products Draw Attention

From March 23rd to 25th, the French Vape Expo opened grandly in Paris, with a large-scale event, the expo attracted over 200 vape brand and distributors worldwide to celebrate VAPEXPO’s tenth anniversary together. The MOSMO team unveiled three new products, attracting widespread attention.

2024 France Vape Expo

Among them, MOSMO STORM X MAX 15000, as an upgraded version of MOSMO disposable DTL product, is equipped with the exclusive MOSMO CHAMP CHIP, ensuring product stability and reliability. The addition of the intelligent display screen allows vapors to instantly grasp oil and battery information, while features such as the 25ml pre-filled oil, adjustable airflow, and 0.45Ω mesh coil provide vapors with a more comfortable and convenient vaping experience.

MOSMO Strom X Max 15000 puffs DTL sub ohm disposable vape
MOSMO Strom X Max 15000 puffs 25ml vape like SHISHA

The MOSMO open pod system product with a screen then meets vapors’ demands for personalization and intelligence. The screen display function not only enhances the product’s sense of technology but also provides vapors with more interactive experiences.
In addition, MOSMO 2ML disposable vape with leather finish also attracted considerable attention due to its unique design and exquisite appearance.

MOSMO open pod system with LED display MOSMO STORM X mini 2ml TPD certified DTL sub ohm disposable vape

According to feedback from local distributors and store owners, with the tightening of relevant regulations in France, it is highly likely that regulations prohibiting disposable vape products will be implemented this summer. Faced with this market change, they are optimistic about the performance of open pod systems in both the local and adjacent markets, and show great interest and anticipation for MOSMO’s screen-equipped open pod system products exhibited this time.

2024 France Vape Expo -

This exhibition not only provided the MOSMO team with a platform to showcase new products but also laid a solid foundation for the company to expand into the European market. In the future, MOSMO will continue to focus on innovation and research and development in vape technology, bringing higher-quality products and services to consumers worldwide.

Post time: Apr-03-2024