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10 Vape Tips About MOSMO Disposable Vape Product

10 Vape Tips About MOSMO Disposable Vape Product

1.Can any TYPE-C charger work with the MOSMO disposable e-cigarette ?
Yes, standard phone chargers, laptop chargers, and other TYPE-C cables can all charge MOSMO disposable vape products.

2.Will using a fast charger speed up the charging process for the disposable vape?
It’s not guaranteed. The effectiveness depends on the product itself. It’s crucial to verify if the product supports fast charging. If it doesn’t, even when utilizing fast chargers such as those from Huawei, Samsung, VIVO, OPPO, etc., the outcome will be similar to using a standard charger.


3.Could the long time charging due to being away lead to fire or explosion issues?
MOSMO’s vape products are designed with overcharge protection mechanisms. This ensures that the product stops charging as soon as it reaches full capacity to prevent battery damage.

However, prolonged usage of household electrical outlets can result in overheating and potential fire hazards. To try to avoid these risks, it’s recommended to promptly unplug the charger and turn off the power strip when not in use.

4.Can the vape product be used while charging?
Yes. Considering the needs of most users, MOSMO has specifically designed a charging protection mechanism.

5.How long does it take for the battery to fully charge?
Presently, charging times vary from battery capacities. With a standard safe voltage of 5V, it takes approximately 1 hour to charge a 500mAh  battery, 1.5 hours for 800mAh , and 2 hours for 1000mAh.


6.What are the typical types of LED indications?
The disposable products of MOSMO currently feature two types of indicators. The first type, the product equipped with a screen, displays battery level through numbers on the screen and indicates remaining oil levels with colored bars beside a droplet-shaped icon.

The second type, the product without a screen, uses flashing lights to alert users. Generally, it may present the following flashing patterns:
Low battery: Flashes 10 times. When the battery level of the e-cigarette device drops below a certain threshold, the indicator light may begin to flash. This is to remind you to charge it promptly to ensure a normal vaping experience.

Other battery issue: Flashes 5 times. At times, there may be slight loosening or oxidation between the battery and the contact points in the vape device, causing the indicator light to flash.


7.How to know the e-liquid has run out and need to switch to a new product?
If you notice a fading flavor during usage, and the flavor remains the same even after the battery is fully charged, along with a burnt taste when inhaling, it indicates you need to replace the product with a new one.

8.The Significance of different nicotine levels for users.
Currently, disposable products commonly come with nicotine levels of 2% and 5%. The 2% nicotine content is more suitable for beginners, as it is milder and easier to handle. On the other hand, the 5% nicotine content is better suited for users with some smoking experience. With higher nicotine levels, it can better satisfy nicotine cravings, providing a sensation comparable to real cigarettes and delivering a similar pleasurable lightness.

It’s important to note that the appropriate nicotine concentration in vape juice varies depending on the individual’s smoking habits and nicotine tolerance. Some may find 2% nicotine concentration to be too strong or too weak, depending on the level of nicotine dependence of the users.


9.How to dispose of used products?
When dealing with used disposable e-cigarettes, avoid casually discarding them. Due to their built-in batteries, they should be placed in designated e-cigarette recycling bins or collection points to support environmental conservation and resource recycling efforts.

10.How to handle other hardware malfunctions?
If your disposable device encounters hardware issues like being unable to power on or draw, please avoid attempting to disassemble the device yourself to prevent potential injury. When faced with hardware issues, it’s recommended to promptly contact our customer service  team for further assistance and resolution.

Post time: May-16-2024